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VJ Loop Zone Moving Image Media for Performances, Venues, Media Facades and Beyond

Pixelphonic Systems Ltd. technology licensing and patenting

4th Foundation K-12 coding and technologies skills social enterprise

Digital art projects are evolving into mass media mobile products. Imagine 15 years ago someone saying, “My project will let everyone in the world write one beautiful or subversive sentence a day and share it with the world.” It would have been popular in Ars Electronica and the subject of some intellectual dialogue. Today it’s Twitter. For years people with these bulky Rolliflex cameras staring down into a square viewfinders were the nerdiest of photographers, and now there are 200 million people on Instagram. I’d encourage people to look at this unique opportunity, and the vehicle of the startup as the most creative act one can do today, far beyond exhibiting something “controversial” in a gallery to a few dozen friends.

- Scott Snibbe

[T]he purpose of the lab is that we need to do these ongoing continuous experiments, trying both new theories, new methodologies, also new technologies that come out. We’re not just trying to play with these things but conduct experiments with them. And usually that work ends up as autonomous installations which end up in museums all over the world, and we can put all our skills into that, all our thoughts, etc. And then, of course, as you can imagine, that delivers a lot of knowledge, and a lot of ideas, so that we actively try to look for interesting institutes or companies or whatever, that we can use these ideas and technologies for. And by doing so, we often manage to find the clients that we want to work for, so then the teams that form themselves when starting such projects, it’s a very organic process.

- Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen

Excerpts from Teaching Computational Creativity

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